Thirty-second chapter of the Hong Kong company law provisions, a limited liability company registered in Hong Kong must appoint a company secretary to fulfill the statutory responsibilities of the company. Whose responsibilities include reporting changes in the corporate structure, shareholders and directors to the Registrar of Companies, the agenda of the meetings of the company also need to be prepared by the Board of Directors, the preparation of the annual general meeting and provide professional advice and recommendations of the relevant statutory regulations.

Company secretarial services, is committed to reducing the troubled and puzzled customers face related legislation, and to assess whether the strategy of the company to comply with the relevant legislation. At the same time, to convey the latest company law and dissect the impact on the company.

Our secretarial services, including

  • Assist customers registered companies in Hong Kong and overseas.
  • Preparation and preservation of statutory records, such as the register of shareholders, register of directors
  • Arrangements and to attend a meeting of directors and shareholders, and is responsible for the preparation of the meeting record
  • Preparation and submission of statutory documents, including annual returns
  • Preparation and submission of applications for business registration certificate
  • Assist in opening a bank account
  • Assistance in applying for a work visa in Hong Kong
  • Providing corporate liquidation and bankruptcy advice
  • Company for cancellation and suspension of activities application

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