The company in line with the concept of "integrity and honor" to cater to the ever-changing needs of the market, the use of existing advantages, Hong Kong registered company for domestic and foreign investors, Chinese companies, overseas companies, and the subsequent operation of the provision of company secretarial services.




(5 days )

  Services Description


Company Name Registration

Company registration fees (HK$1730)

The first year business registration fee (HK $ 450)
(For the new company established after April 1)

Share capital of HK $ 10,000 registration fee (HK $ 10)

Certificate of Incorporation

Business Registration Certificate

Our Service Fee

Bank account required documents

The express bank account referred

Company Prospectus and administrative Ordinance

( 10 copies )

Signature side printed, check printed (printed)

Seal (Common Seal)

Round Chop (22mm)

Corporate records

Stock volumes (20 pages )

Beautiful green box (hot golden Company)


Required time (working days)



Government fees include all established companies (no other fees)


The establishment of Hong Kong Limited, the program:


  1. Customers fill out an application form - Limited Application Form
  2. We will check the proposed company name is available. We will prepare the necessary documents in one working days.
  3. Customer amiable to sign the relevant documents of the Company / client to sign the relevant original documents will be mailed to our company or our file e-mail to the customer.
  4. Customer first transfer, check or cash to pay
  5. We submit documents and fees to the relevant government departments
  6. Is completed, we will notify the customer to collect the relevant documents
  7. The customers can use their copy in the bank accounts are opened.