• A small amount of mail processing services have been included in the Company registered address agency services;
  • When the company received the letter of the Government and the Bank will notify the customer, the customer may be charged to the Company, or forwarded by courier;
  • Such as customers require additional request this service, the annual fee is HK $ 800;
  • Arrange the handing over documents to the customer, each time to cope with the cost-pocket expenses + 20% (minimum fee-generation branched costs + HK $ 20)
  • For more, please refer to the address of agency services;
  • If the customer has to deal with a large number of e-mail, this service is not suitable.

The fly line services (number transfer)


  • A number of Hong Kong can be transferred to another phone in Hong Kong or overseas to answer;
  • The the overseas telephone can be a fixed line telephones or mobile phones;
  • The numbers do not need to install, need only be set by phone or online can (depending on the service provider arrangements);
  • Monthly long-distance telephone charges for basic service fee of approximately HK $ 30, plus transfer (according to the dosage and receive location);
  • Generally required to prepay one year of basic costs.